I did a little more shopping today and I finally went to a Target that had the maybelline cream eyeliner in stock!! It’s always out of stock every where I go so it MUST be good. The reason why I bought it is because of all those youtube make up gurus out there and how they are comparing it to MAC’s fluid liner and I tried that before and its amazingly smooth. I tried a bit of the maybelline cream liner when I got home and it is quite nice too! We’ll see how long it lasts, but I am thoroughly impressed as of now :] I also went to some small fashion shops that sell the same clothing as forever 21 or H&M but cheaper! I got these dress pants which look gray in this picture, but they’re actually this nice brownish color. I definitely need more professional clothing since I’m going to be in clinic a lot more now. I also got this cute green dress for the holiday season! I usually don’t own ANY green clothing, but this dress was super cute and I can wear some leggings with it :D It has a cute low-cut back and it just looks like something Emma Pillsbury would wear on glee. hahaha :]

Anyways, my goal today was to try to find a dress for Eyeball, but instead I shopped for other things lol. I finally went through my old dresses in my closet and I actually found one that I could wear for Eyeball so whooooo!! I’m saving money!! (not really since I bought other stuff today, but it’s okay, I’m thrifty… all the stuff I bought was incredibly cheap or on sale…) tee hee :]